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We offer solutions from power factor correction equipment, design and installations of automatic and manual changeover. We do design of high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) sub stations. We Design,Supply,Installation and commissioning of RMU, switch gears of LV, MV and VSD automation drive products.

We offer installations from the infant and building to the medium voltage power switch to low voltage.

Instrumentation and Control Systems

Control in process industries refers to the regulation of all aspects of the process. Precise control of level, temperature, pressure and flow is important in many process applications. The control process is key in industries and at Amacec we see it as a very important tool and therefore we are ready to offer solutions in areas of;

❑ Pressure ❑ Flow ❑ Level ❑ Temperature ❑ Density ❑ Ph (acidity or alkalinity) ❑ Liquid interface (the relative amounts of different liquids that are combined in a vessel) ❑ Mass ❑ Conductivity

Installing a Foundation for your Infrastructure

Quickly and cost-efficiently adapting to emerging technologies, from new or upgraded LANs to IP security updates, is a critical function of a well-built IT infrastructure. The backbone of this infrastructure is a robust structured cabling system.

A structured cabling system that is able to easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay ahead of the competition, while reducing overall infrastructure costs. No one understands this more than Amacec Kenya Ltd.

Fiber Optic building and Construction

Fibre optic cabling is predominantly installed to achieve high transmission rates over longer distances forming the backbone of a network. It has the highest level of reliability and redundancy for transmitting audio, video and data information.

The installation, termination and testing procedures are critical to the performance and reliability of any optical infrastructure and Amacec Kenya Ltd have the relevant skills, training and equipment to design, implement and test optical fibre solutions.

Wireless Solutions and Site Surveys

Wireless networks can be a useful complement to a wired network, freeing users from fixed network connection points and allowing more flexible use of spaces.

Amacec Kenya Ltd design from scratch and integrate a wireless LAN into your existing network infrastructure, whilst providing your organization with a high-speed, secure wireless network that will enable your workforce to become fully mobile. We have expertise.

CCTV and Access control

The integration of modern access control systems using the NVM advanced IP Video Surveillance servers opens up new possibilities regarding the configuration and optimization of the systems. The ability to completely manage remote systems, which is innate to the IP systems, allows the implementation of advanced solutions in sites that, because of their size, cannot justify the installation of other types of solutions.

Data Center Cabling Services

Data center is the heart of your company’s technological infrastructure, and just as a strong heart can empower you to do amazing things, a properly cabled data center can empower your business to grow by leaps and bounds. But the dark side, of course, lives in a data center that has allowed its cabling to fall into a tangled jumble of uncertain connections. These structured cabling disasters’ can hinder your company’s ability to grow, by hindering your company’s ability to process even the most basic level of data.

The networking cabling installations team at Amacec Kenya Ltd knows the importance your data center holds over the success of your entire business, and for more than 3 years, we have mastered the intricacies of data center cabling.